Saturday, December 29, 2007

miami. the best layover.

Okay, we come to you live via South Beach, Miami!! Thanks to Santa (JR) for my Christmas present...I can blog from the beach and update you of our travels! Ha!

Our original Dallas-Miami flight got delayed due to a computer failure at DFW so that we in turn missed our connecting flight to Montevideo. Rachel met us in Miami and I had to utilize my sweet temper and got us a free 2 night stay in a Miami hotel and some food vouchers. Our driver to the hotel I think was on a fancy concoction of illegal substances and drove probably 40 miles over the speed limit. I was very very afraid.

We made it. Our hotel though was the Miccossuke resort and casino!! It looked like a fun house! Regardless it was a free place to stay with a very clean room and comfy bed!

This morning we got up and took a shuttle back to the airport and since we got booked on the next flight to Buenos Aires at 11pm, we figured why not make a day out of it so we took a cab to South Beach, bought some summer clothes and flops and are now enjoying a nice summer day in Miami before we head out tonight for Uruguay!! And oh! We even had first class seats to Miami and we watched Ratatouille which made us think of Emma and Joseph bc we watched it with them on Christmas Day!! Well! That's our update!! Goodbye from the beach!! Happy new year!!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Sportin my SB Hoodie...wishing we were there too! Happy New year! See you in '08 and when I'm and old hag!;-) love you!!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

I want to see that movie. I am jealous of the beach since we are up in Oklahoma with our parkas on!! :) Might be exaggerating just a tad!! :) Have a great time. We will see you when you get home!!

PS. Last year at New Year's we bunked together at Blake's while our boys sleep off their drunkenness on the couches!! :) HAHA To fuN!!

Ashlee said...

So what is the Christmas present??? You left me hanging!!!