Monday, December 03, 2007

it's december!

I can't believe it's the end of the year already!! Nancy and Ronnie came down for the wknd, just in time for the holidays, and just in time to see our Christmas decorations :) I'll have to post some pics later of the rest of our house! It's very cozy and Christmas-y!

Nancy and Ronnie got here Friday night so we ran down and drove around Highland Park to see some lights, but the only ones really up were the ones at Highland Park Village, which are so beautiful! The actual Christmas lights of the neighborhood and trees will be lit on Thursday so JR and I are going to make a date out of it! any excuse for a date night!!

It was a wedding work wknd! We got up early Saturday morning, had breakfast and went out to try on some tuxedo's for JR!!!! We think we found the one! I can't post pics because he is so handsome, it will have to be a surprise!! Lunch was at Houston's, then off to run some more errands! We fit in a little shopping, but had to be home in time for the Big XII Championship game!! We all got in our comfy pj's, watched football, and finished decorating our beautiful tree! Boooooomer Soooooooner!!! Oklahoma beat the number one team in the nation!!!! To celebrate the occasion I made homemade chocolate chip cookies! JR's favorite...I must say, they turned out rather well!

Sunday was even a work day! We all went to brunch with my parents and then went on to Bed Bath & Beyond to work a little more on our registry! I will be finally posting our registry on our wedding website today or tomorrow!!! yay!!

It was a great wknd! and we got so much done! In wedding planning, anything you can cross off the checklist is exciting! Hope you all had a good one!

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