Thursday, December 20, 2007

let the festivities begin

Tonight we will be celebrating our first Christmas!! with my family! My parents and brother will be leaving for Punta del Este, Uruguay tomorrow and JR, myself, and Rachel (Alex's gf) will be meeting them down there next Friday. Thus, we must do Christmas early with my family! To make it that much more exciting, we are opening presents at our house!!!

Then tomorrow night we leave for our Christmas in Oklahoma!! So much to do before then, ahhh! I've been sick with a sinus infection this whole week :( so my list of things to do hasn't gotten any shorter. grr.

On Saturday we have three Christmas celebrations in a row!! yeahhhh! Lots of present openings and food, and a sure way to make me nappy :) Christmas makes me real sleepy, haha! Sunday night we are heading over to the Thrasher house for a wine night and...that's as far as we've gotten!

We wish you all a WONDERFUL Christmas with your families, and hope you all have safe travels wherever you may be!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Merry Christmas!! Have fun with your fam!

Cody Thrasher said...

I can't wait until Wine Night!! :)