Thursday, December 06, 2007

amigos del alma

Tonight is Lauren & Ricardo's become a verb of sorts. We will look at something fun, and say that's a Lauren & Ricardo night! Last week, when Nancy and Ronnie were down we wanted to go see the lights in HP, but they had a sign up saying that the lighting of the trees would be the first Thursday in December (today), so ofcourse we said it's an L & R night!

Lauren and Ricardo have been friends of mine for over 10 years now! Lauren for much longer, but them together, 10 years! They are much more family then friends. I care for them as I do my own Heffesse's :) Ricardo always asked if he could be adopted in, they both have been! They are honorary Heffesse's! Even their wedding is special to us! After I left Oklahoma in January of 2006, JR was still unsure about moving down to Dallas. Two weeks after moving was Lauren and Ricardo's wedding! JR came down for it, and after enjoying their wedding with me we all just made a neat bond, the 4 of us, and it was the Sunday after their wedding that JR decided to move down here. I have always felt that their wedding was a huge moment for JR and I.

We've been to Oklahoma with them, Miami, Ranger games, off-roading, Meers, you name it we've done it or will do it! They are always up for a good time and we are beyond grateful to have them in our life! They truly are wonderful people, amazing friends, and one of the best parts of our family!

They have a strong faith, and solid foundation as husband and wife and it is so encouraging to be around them and see after 10 years together they're still if not more so in love today then ever before. As soon-to-be newlyweds we value their guidance and care they are always willing to share with us.

So, tonight is a Lauren & Ricardo night and now you all know why these nights are important to us. There is a "saying", which I will likely butcher...but it says something in the realm of--you are what you eat, you are the books you read, and the friends you surround yourself with. Fruits and veggies are our latest conquest, I have some great books I'd like to share, and the friends we have now are our friends for life. Our family. We are blessed with some of the most amazing friends both in TX and OK, and as we step into the next chapter of our life together we sometimes cannot believe how fortunate we are with the support and friendship around us! We truly have the best friends in the world!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

That was the sweetest post, it made my eyes water. You guys are the best friends/family! We love you guys and always look forward to celebrating life with you! We love you! See you tonight! :-)