Thursday, February 21, 2008

as I listen

JR thinks my affinity for music is rare and bizarre. I connect with music, I feel music, I understand life better with music. Certain songs soothe me, anger me, make me feel love, make me remember, allow me to just be...

I cannot carry a tune, I sing better in Spanish than in English (hahaha), I sing in the shower, in the car, I write lyrics all the time to no music...

My whole life, the way I see it, is a soundtrack. There are a million songs I would put on my life soundtrack and each so different and so characteristic of such a different time, emotion, or just a good dance song.

All dance songs make me get up and dance, it embarrasses my fiance :)

I dance anywhere. I have no shame. I make him dance around the house with me.

Sometimes I just like to get in the car, and play my millions of CD's---ipod, and just listen to the soundtrack of my life.

What's on yours??

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Ashlee and Carey said...

My main song is "Walk By Faith" by Jeremy Camp! A great one to live by!