Wednesday, February 13, 2008

fab find

In April, it will be 2 years since we moved into our luscious little condooo and it has gone through a multitude of furniture arrangements, paintings up, pictures down, etc...

The living room is finally in it's final stage, and then I start all over with the bedroom :) My fiance is super neat. He lets me do all of this!

Continuing--I am always on the lookout for neat design ideas as my crafty streak has recently strenthened and any fresh and unique ideas that I come across I save for future use. My basics are the following:

-Monograms (I just got the most precious monogrammed linen coasters, yippee)
-Whites (I had an all-white room in college with a netting all around the bed, it was my own little Natalie Palace, JR would be rolling his eyes right here)
-Down Comforters
-Puffy towels
-Baby Blues
-Lamps, love lamp lighting
-Silk drapes, floor length ($$$$ but so worth it)
-Heavy wood furniture, I like the bulky furniture (rustic)

I'm a girl. Can't get more girly than that.

Now, when you share your space with the male species--some of the girly stuff must be modified ofcourse but overall this is what I'm working with.

Alas, my point in this post. I found this neat idea via blog, wedding blog I believe and I thought it would be perfect as a dining room centerpiece. Voila.

We have so many vases, and I think two of these tall ones...and I'm never quite sure what to put in them. We had this tree branch arrangement at one point, but everytime you walked by it would attack you and snag your clothes, etc. It was awkward. JR got fed up and disposed of the indoor tree arrangement :)

I love having fresh fruit in the house and lemons, limes, and oranges are always are great eye-candy in a big glass bowl. Hence why I loved the idea of the floating lemons in the tall vase! Brilliant!

Thought I'd share my find!

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Ashlee said...

Very cool idea! When you have done it at your house post a pic! I wanna see!!!