Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Tonight, JR is playing basketball so I have decided to venture out of my shell and do something creative for a change.

I am the least creative person in the world, but I went today and purchased some acrylic paint, a canvas, and some brushes for a masterpiece that I will work on tonight! I have a picture I am working off of, but I won't post it in fear that my ability to re-create this image will falter and I will be subjecting myself to ridicule :) Feel free though, because I have set my expectations low in hopes that I may shock myself and find that I am a distant relative to Claude Monet, Degas, or Picasso.

Hopefully not Picasso, he was a strange cat...but an outstanding artist.


I will update you of my success or lack thereof tomorrow.

and for dinner I'm going to attempt baked couscous with a marinara sauce and my famous angel hair pasta!!!

and now, time for my 4:30 facial!!! YAY! great day in the almost-newlywed house!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

A fun! I have a suggestion for you. I actually did this about a month ago!! It turned out well and I'm rather proud of my creation! It's even hanging in the living room! I'll tell you when we talk!:-)

You'll paint a masterpiece!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

You are a silly goose!! :)