Monday, February 25, 2008

i've been tagged

Note: I originally started this post below last night, it is now Tuesday morning, so there will be sidenotes on the things that did not get accomplished; shocking.

Okay, Lu! I'll do this for you....

10 years ago: I was in HS, at Berkner, the lovely. I could not yet drive, but was dreaming about my Mitsubishi Eclipse, haha! That was my dream car, that got replaced with a 4-runner because my parents wanted me in a BIG car--which we later had to replace with a HUGE Tahoe, oops :)

I was a star Bandolera **insert grin**, living in Richardson, TX and I couldn't see past Friday night...

Things on my to do list today:

Go for a walk (it is a beautiful day, and the cold weather is coming back, boo); we did not go walk

Cook chicken tonight, that is good; after much debate we ended up at Jake's b/c the weather was so nice, and after sitting outside for 5 minutes, the wind was insane so we moved in. -2 points b/c we ate inside and we didn't eat a home cooked meal, we were ashamed of ourselves.

Go over some wedding stuff; did kind of do that, showed JR some of the stuff I've been working on (my secret project)

Put up laundry, grr (put up on basket of laundry, one to go)

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire?

We have actually discussed this before, b/c JR seems to think lately that he's bound to win the lottery :) and he's serious....take care of our families, JR has dreams of buying the farm, we would move back to OK and have a big farm with all kinds of animals, I would like for us to travel more of the world with my parents and our (future) babies , and I would open a shelter for stray animals. Horses, dogs, cats, anything. That would be the start of it...

Three of my bad habits:

-Not getting up as early as I should

-Not hanging up my coats in the coat closet, this one really gets JR (hahaha)

-Letting my laundry turn into mountains, I'm amazing at it.

Five jobs I have had:

-Republic Supply International (2 yrs now, applause. Thank you.)


---------->4 year gap :)

-Gap (1 day, Lu)

-Island's Restaurant with Lu (2 wks)

Five things people don't know about me:

-Most may know, but I love OU to the clouds and beyond

-I don't like my hands, I have weird shaped fingers

-I talk to the kitties like they are my babies (like really talk to them), JR calls it "my clock ticking"...

-I shower in the same sequence every time; shampoo hair, condition hair, wash face, shave right leg, shave left leg, wash body, rinse out conditioner----always the same

-I have a fear of airplane toilets, paralyzing fear (that's super embarrassing)

I tag these people: Holly, Jen, Ashlee, and anyone else that wants to!! Copy and paste into yours and fill in your answers!

You're it!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

HAHA!! I was wondering if you were going to put the length of time at your first two jobs.That should give people a BIG laugh ;-) HA Thanks for playing!!

Kristian & Katy said...

very cute :)
i remember those first two jobs as well!!

Ashlee and Carey said...

I was a good tagged person and did it too! I shower the same every day too! We are creatures of habit!