Monday, February 25, 2008

lack o' pics

I know, I know...there have not been many new pictures up.

I can't seem to find the charger for my camera battery :( sad.

It may be a sign that I need a new camera :) happy.

On tonight's menu:

Lemon Herb Chicken
Homestyle Macaroni Pasta Salad (I made it during lunch, delicious)
Peaches for dessert!!

Happy Monday!


Ricardo and Lauren said...


and..TAG, you're it :-) read my blog

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

YUMMY!! I love lemon herb chicken!!

And peaches with sugar! YummO!!

Ashlee and Carey said...

So I would like the two recipes for the chicken and mac salad please! I have an awesome recipe for a cheese overload casserole if you want it. Carey loves it!!!!