Thursday, September 11, 2008

anniversary din-din

Our celebration of life is through food. In honor of our four months as husband and wife, we put aside our meal of parmesan crusted chicken, homemade mashed pots and salad, and instead headed to Snider Plaza :)

We have a few favorites there, Kuby's, a very good German restaurant with a cute side market filled with fresh meats and foreign treats. Peggy Sue's, the closest thing to Nancy's ribs I've been able to find in Texas, and Penne Pomodoro.

Italian, it was. Always a good "anniversary" choice. Snider Plaza is such a neat pocket of the city, the locals always walk around with their strollers and slew of children, and at Penne, there are a few tables outside to enjoy.

The weather was absolutely perfect, so we grabbed the last open table outside and JR got his favorite, Penne Carbonara. It has a very smooth, light, Alfredo sauce with fresh strips of bacon and the bacon flavors the sauce as it is mixed. One of the best pasta dishes in the Big D.

I went with the baked ziti, one of my very faves. It was piping hot, with lots'a cheese, and I had my husband. It was a perfect dinner.

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