Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bloggy Party

Update! We now have 7 blogs in our party :) oh happy day! I'll announce your buddy on Friday!

Okay, we had 6 wonderful blogs interested in the Halloween Bloggy Party!!! YAY!!! We have the following guests:

The Neaves'
The Thrasher's
The Rigdon's
The Jarnagin's
The Brock's
The Hammond's
and us!

I think the easiest way, will be a random drawing to see who gets who--in the meantime would you all please email me your address to natalie.pettijohn@gmail.com!! Tomorrow I will announce your bloggy exchange buddy and then email your home address to your buddy! I don't want to make anyone's address public---yikes.

So get excited for our Halloween Bloggy Party!!! yay! Any cute Halloween treat will do! Something fun you'd like to share with your buddy for Halloween! It can be anything!! Once we have all received our treats, we can post and share :) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! I'm no pro though, ha!


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

SO so so so fun....

I can't wait!!

We should do this for every holiday!

Sara Hammond said...

I finally added your blog to my list....took me long enough!! I might want in on the Christmas bloggy party if it happens! :)

Sara Hammond said...

Sure...why not!! Give me the deets

Lauren said...

so excited!! I think I have ideas for my buddy...whoever it may be! Can't wait:-)

lsadler said...

Hey--Thanks for the comment on my blog! Is it too late for me to join the halloween party?