Thursday, September 11, 2008


Along with monogramming and such, I have a liking for oilcloth! I first discovered this wipeable beauty with Jen...I think she had a zippered oilcloth pouch of sorts and I loved the material!

I got my mini oilcloth cooler, as a treasured find at Old Navy once, ha.

Alas, I have found others that enjoy the unique look of the oilcloth. Over at Etsy, one of my likes, I found these:

Handmade oilcloth placemats!!!!!! AH! Love! They are custom made, so you get to choose your own colors and prints, come on now. Yesssss.

Wouldn't they make such a great gift too??!


red30067 said...

it was a purse!!!

red30067 said...
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