Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We're back, and none too happy to have left the waters of Miami :( It is always good to be home though, and we left our kitties for more than two days for the first time in their kitty lives...and we came back to some angry little beans...mommy and daddy were too busy doing this....
They had resorted back to some sort of kitty primitive state, one without humans, they felt abandoned.

We got a chance to see mom and dad's new abode, and we were left speechless. It is indescribable, and sits right on the water in Sunny Isles Beach. It is perfect for them, made for them, and we were glad to be able to share it with them this wknd. They are 19 floors up, with a view directly of the ocean, and you have the sensation that you are cruising on the water...it is priceless.

JR and I both, love the water, and enjoy so much just being outside and feeling the sand on our feet--the water was very choppy this trip thanks to Gustav (awesome name choice) but that ofcourse would never keep my husband from the water.

Our first night there, we headed down to Coral Gables and mom and dad treated us to some of the best Argentine dining we've ever had at Graziano's. So authentic, even most of the waiters were of my land...delicious wines and a vegetarian's nightmare---ribs, strip steak, sausage galore.

our gracious hosts--ma and pa heff

my sweet husband

Saturday and Sunday were windy and wet from Gustav, so we willingly went to the mall :) A favorite of mine! We shopped mostly for JR, had lunch there with mom and dad and then headed back to the Ocean 4...

That night, the Montaldo's came over with their sweet baby girl, Justina (mom has pics on her camera) they are life-long family friends, and Gonzalo decided to come out and surf the next day at our beach so JR joined in the fun!!!!! My favorite pics to follow------

JR with Gonzo, learning how to surf...

Trying it out for the first time, so hot!

um, yeah.

Greeting my surfer husband :)


and.....exhausted, like he'd never been before!

with his coach :)

the end of a fantastic trip


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

So much fun... I can't wait until we get to take Luke to the beach!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

looks amazing!!! can't wait to see it in person!