Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lie tellers

The Olympics are incredible. No way around it----but for someone, such as myself, with such an immense lack of athleticism and intense clumisness, the Olympics to me are astounding and I end up wanting to hug the t.v. in awe of such able-bodied people.

I won't even go to Phelps, no need. You know. If you don't, go turn on a t.v., check online, or come out of your cave.

Watching the swimming, makes me want to get back in the pool, away from Family Guy and swim again. I love it. Have I ever mentioned that I'm afraid of pool drains?

The gymnastics has always been a favorite of mine. They flip, fly, tumble, do things that I couldn't do it if you drugged me, spun me, or turned me into Gumby. I just don't have the ability to do such things. Men's gymnastics is fascinating to watch for their strength...I had several gymnast friends at OU (they have a spectacular program there, ofcourse) in fact, this year's Jonathon Horton is a Sooner! YESSSS!

Now, the women. Poor USA girls. They got cheated, and to prove it read this article. They did falter, but come on. The Chinese girls looked to be 9, 10, and 11 years old. If I weighed 67 lbs at age "16", I can see how flipping on bars would be alot easier. Bad, Chinese gov't, bad. That is naughty. Just because all of my stuff reads "Made in China", doesn't mean I have to believe your lies. One was maybe missing a tooth.....really? reallllly? In said, article, I quote..."The Olympics is, above all else, based on the principles of fair competition, and the promotion of healthy bodies through sport. There is something mildly discomfiting about the sight of such tiny youngsters weighed down by the hopes of a nation, even after the gold medals are hanging around their feathery necks."....

and there you have it, feathery necks.


Rob & Amy said...

You'll like this...I heard this morning on the Today show that during the opening ceremonies that had a girl "singing" the theme song to the olympics. Well it turns out she was Lip synching the song, because they wouldn't let the REAL SINGER be shown on TV. Why you ask?? Because they said she wasn't CUTE ENOUGH. They showed a picture of the "real singer" and she was ADORABLE. But they said she didn't reflect "perfection" so they wouldn't let her be on TV. So they used her recorded singing voice, and had another (and I mean LARGE quotes here) "cuter" girl lip sync and be on TV.

How pathetic is that?

PS- I just left a job where I worked at a Chinese company for 8 don't even want to know what I witnessed. It is so gross.

Rob & Amy said...

In fact...look what I found.

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

wow..that is ridiculous about the singer. the voice was adorable and super good! how sad that she didn't get to "be" herself. :(

Ricardo and Lauren said...

we even watched the olympics in Cabo!! My fav is gymnastics and rico's obviously is basketball and swimming!! YAY USA!!