Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oh happy day

It's a fantassstic day at the Pettijohn house!! With the ever gracious gift of mom and dad, we will be spending Labor Day wknd in Miami :)

oh yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay. It is where we fell in love, it's a place we love, and we love to get away. Perfection. It's a must every year...

Also!!!!! JR and I purchased a new vehicle!! our very first together!! my G is gone :( but we were ready to let her go, and we got an '06 Yukon!!!

He is my new baby, all black! He's almost like my old Tahoe, well newer, but Yukon's are a fancier version of the T! I like the fancy. He's fancy and pretty, and has a DVD player---we sat in it and watched part of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, hahaha! It is amazing! It's like watching it with surround sound! It has bucket seats, and is simply gorgeous! oh, and 20" wheels! I've missed my Tahoe ever since, I got rid of her---and now I get to ride in this hottie.

I'm so so happy and excited. My husband has made me promise I'll be good to it. I promise...

Bye G, I loved you. We enjoyed you for 50,000 great miles.

Pics to come soon.....yessssss.


Rob & Amy said...

Congratulations my friend on the newest addition!!! Rob and I purchased a 2008 Tahoe (also Black) about 3 weeks ago!!! I looooove her! So nice and smells SO wonderful!!!! I love having an SUV back! It's so darn convenient!!!! There are some pictures on my blog :)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

YAY! I'm glad the test trip to OK proved positive!

Ahhh Miami...can you pack me in your bags?! I can loose a little weight and I'll even pay the over the limit fee!:-) haha!! So gald yall get to go this year! are you staying at the old place or new place!?