Tuesday, August 19, 2008

in the last 3 days...

I've managed to self-inflict the following injuries:

Scene 1: Emma and I had a slumber party with the kitties in the guest room. Our guest room has our computer desk, and the obvious chair--Charlie was sleeping on me, and in his sleep fell off the bed (which is quite high) the second time he has done this...I'm paranoid and decide I need to get up and make sure he didn't die or break a leg from the fall (we have hardwoods). Once up, and on my way down to look under the bed, I slam my whole face onto the backside of the chair---yes. It slit my eyelid open. Really. My browbone, gashed my eyelid open.

I didn't want to scare Emma, so I ran to the bathroom only to find my bloody eye. Ugh. I wake up JR, and the first thing he says is, "OH MY, that looks horrible!!!!"...I feel faint, and he doctors me up insisting that I need stitches while repeatedly telling me how dumb of an accident that was! I'm a mommy to some kitties, and I will always check on them!! While trying to defend myself, I realized that I don't want someone sewing my eye, and he patches me up and I head back to bed.

It is healing nicely, minus the black eyelid I'm sporting.

Scene 2: I'm making a nice dinner for my husband last night--Cajun Chicken and Shrimp pasta--stove top. The beautiful pie dish, filled with my cherry pie gets too close to a burner, and cracks, and catches on "fire" and starts smoking---and I grab it with my bare hands to quickly get it off the hot surface and I singe my finger. It burnt so bad, it cut it. Insane. I start screaming for JR, freaking out, because I'm fearful the tip of my finger is going to ash off and our kitchen looks like it exploded. Ugh. There is no remedy for the pain of a burn I have learned...I had my finger dunked in ice water for three hours, and I type now without the use of this one.

I now have a giant blistered finger, with a 2nd degree burn, and a blacked out eyelid with a healing gash. I cried for a solid hour last night, tucked into my husband--while letting him tell me that I could very well be the biggest clumsy fool of all time, while realizing that I beat my own self up.


I end this post with embarrasment...


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

You are so crazy!!

Hope your eye gets better and your burn goes away!! :)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

HAHAHA, i was laughing so loud! I hope your eye and fingers feel better. We're just broken aren't we?! haha

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

oh nat! this is probably not what you want to hear...but just to warn you...the black eyelid will probably move on down to a black eye...ive had two bc of this! and now that you know, you wont have someone (in my case my new boss) asking "is that pen under your eye or do you have a black eye?"

ps...i can deffffffinitely top these stories in embarrassment...im debating whether to even hint at how i got my second black eye...lets just say the tile floor in the bathroom is not soft...

sorry you are hurting! :(