Friday, August 01, 2008

it's my party

Thank you to everyone for allll of my birthday wishes, calls, and messages!! I had the most wonderful birthday and I got to top it all off with my family birthday celebration!! YAY! I love parties!!

We started out with dinner at my favorite, Texas de Brazil. We all anticipate the meal, so we eat lightly all day in preparation for the feast. Lu, recognize my dress?? I got compliments at the restaurant :) Thanks, Lu.

This picture is to show my husband's, "I don't want to take pictures, Nat" face....

After the great feast, we headed back to mom and dad's for a little after party! After party=presents!! yessssssss.

You all know about my love of all things homemade...well I got a treasure. My brother, the artist, has been painting as of recent and I casually threw it out there, that I would like a painting one day with OU colors :) boomer sooner.

Casually, I said it.

I GOT ONE!!! Painted by my sweet baby brother! It is an abstract of an OU football game, the crimson and cream obviously, the green for the field, and the white for the's perfect.

You must see it in person, to see the dimension he gave it, and to see the size! We are having it framed for our house. Thank you Alex, what an amazing gift! and what an amazing gift you have.

What's next? Cake!!! and more presents!

Alex and Rachel also gave me The Lady and Sons cookbook, and a Paula Deen Christmas recipe book! I may have to share with my ma-in-law!

oh! and a little champagne!

a birthday kiss from my husband!!!

We then went home, so I could get my present from JR and the boys :) I even got my own card from Biggin', Beanie, and Daddy!

thanks beanie, for my gift....

no birthday kisses for mommy

I was very very spoiled this birthday! Who better to spoil you, than your husband?! I also got an 80 minute Swedish massage at The Riviera from my husband (my very favorite thing in the whole wide world), and some more very gracious spa treatments from mom and dad ;)

Thank you so much to all of my friends and family for the spectacular day, and an awesome way to start the next 25 years of my life!!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

HA! That's the first thing i saw when I looked at the pics! YAY! So glad you had such an amazing birthday!! Can't wait to continue the celebration! Good job on the painting Al!!

kristian & katy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Natalie!!! It looks like it was wonderful!! It's obvious you are very loved and treasured :)