Monday, August 18, 2008

the good times

Our weekend was lovely, it just was. We had the Victery's with us, and we managed to just enjoy our time together, ate some great food, and watched the Phelps mania with a glass of Malbec.

Friday night, we dined in with Campania--two large Margherita's with extra cheese and two Caprese salads. The babies loved it...well, Emma didn't like the basil--cutie.

That evening we watched some Olympics, and our sleeping arrangements allowed for Emma to spend both nights with Aunt Nat--we snuggled. I would wake up and she would be holding my hand in her sleep, precious.

Saturday was a beautiful day with mild temperatures, so we headed for a picnic at the pool and some swim time. The babies, after having spent a few days in a pool, have become little fishies! By the end of the afternoon they were both kicking their feet and swimming with their heads under water!!! Our mini-Phelps'!

Dinner Saturday night, was another local favorite! Taverna! Countryside Italian menu, always consistent. K & J, split Halibut with a side of Polenta--JR did his favorite, Gorgonzola and Pear Pasta--myself, baked lasagna. The babies did pizza, again :)

We ended the weekend right, with lunch at Celebration. The most perfectly fried-chicken, homemade sides, and a mimosa to top.

The boys got to golf Sunday morning, 14 holes :) while Kourtney and the babies taught me how to make Ann's Cherry Pie, in my new pie dish! Thank you Victery's for my sweet gift, I love it!

JR and I ended our weekend at Jake's in Addison with a couple of friends and some live music!

What an awesome weekend....

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