Thursday, August 21, 2008

oh my. WITH EXCITEMENT! We finally got our car last night! JR came home and surprised me with it!!! We had been waiting a week to get it, so my level of patience was slowly deteriorating (it didn't annoy my husband) can only imagine :)

I feel whole again. Really, I just want to sit outside with "him", and look at "him", and pet "him". He is gorgeous and perfect. I'm talking about both my husband and the Yukon, ofcourse.

Pics coming soon.....YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! oh happy day!!!!!!!

Thanks, babe!!!!!!!!

oh! and my sweet husband brought me home some Chinese takeout for din din! love that!


The Denove's said...

I want to see pics. I love tahoes:)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

YAYYYYYYYYY!!! Can't wait to see/ride "him". I'm talking about your car...def NOT your husband!! HAHA, I'm funny!!:-)

ok, that was a tid bit inappropriate, but you have to admit it was funny. Something Rico might have come up with, not me. But it was me:-)

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Oh yeah yeah yeah....

Now it is time to load that thing up with some babies!!!!

And the comment Lauren posted was so funny... I was cracking up!!!

Clint and Lauren Brock said...

I'm sure the car is wonderful...but I'm still thinking I want to see pics of the eye!!