Monday, October 27, 2008

around the world

In 48 hours, we managed to make it to Tulsa for a wedding, Stillwater to see our brother, and Norman for some Ted's :)

oh, and back to Dallas.

JR played photographer at Jason and Lauren's wedding, so we ended up with 200 after-party pics :) I must sort thru them before I post, they deserve their very own. Here's a brief overview of what a sweet wedding it was.

It was an OU reunion for us, and perfect because it was all of us together again-----what a party it was. Don't even think for a minute that I didn't dance my little fringed feet off....I may have covered every square inch of that's a teaser!

There was an after party, to the after party....yeah. It was that fun.

On Sunday, we got up and headed down to Stillwater to see brother!!! Him and Rachel met us at Eskimo Joe's for lunch first! I told Alex, that is the only town I can go to and not feel compelled ot buy a souvenir :) We did stop at the Wooden Nickel, though...

We finally got to see his oh-so-cute apartment, and he even gave me a treat! An OU treat!! He bought me a handpainted OU Christmas ornament!!! My two very favorite things rolled into one! What a lucky sister I am, to have him as a brother!

I've been working on an OSU painting for him, and finally got it finished----it's on it's way to you today Alex! We had SUCH a wonderful time with you guys! Thank you, thank you for having us over!


Cody Thrasher said...

That OK State painting is the real deal. I like it!

Let us know when you guys are coming to the farm again, so we can have our occasional (not occasional enough) Pettijohn/Thrasher/Victery get together. :-)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

cute! gald yall had fun!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

My hub is such a funny guy!!!

Love the new painting!!!!!!!!!!!!
... I hope you have us added to the list for one.. I am trying to decide on what I want on Lukes... Something country!! That way it can go in his room...

See you soon!!

Ashlee and Carey said...

JR...a professional photographer!? I had no idea! His eyes look blitzed in the pic of you kissing him! Love it!