Monday, October 13, 2008

the day before the tragedy

Today is a day of mourning.

We only dropped to #4, but we dropped. We started out with such hope and glee, and I ended up in my robe watching OSU-Missouri. So sad. So hurt.

Nonetheless, we truly did have an excellent weekend with The Taliaferro's! They came down for their very first OU/tx experience, and the only way to start things off is ofcourse, The West End.

We set up shop at Landry's at the very end of the strip for some good people-watching seats...

It was a sea of Sooners, and Landry's ended up being a good pick b/c it seemed to be primarily a stop for the Okies. Nobody wants to blend in with that heinous's not even normal orange---it's burnt orange.

The Pettijohn's :)


thechapmanfamily said...

oh, now now

you all oakie pokies won last year


the orange and white are beautiful!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Cute top:-)