Friday, October 10, 2008

it's in the air

We are anticipating the caravan of Sooners today, and coming along, are some of our very dearest---The Taliaferro's!!

We've got the house decked out OU style, so they should feel welcome and right at home! Jenn is an OSU grad, but she has some Sooner love that she shares every once in awhile...Blake, too! We just let Norman convert him, Norman will do that to you. You can't fight it, you will fall in love.

and now, if you'll stand for the OU National Anthem.

Our chant rolls on and on!
Thousands strong
Join heart and song
In alma mater's praise
Of campus beautiful by day and night
Of colors proudly gleaming Red and White
'Neath a western sky
OU's chant will never die.
Live on University!


Cody Thrasher said...

Hook em' Horns!

J/K, I don't like either team to be honest. I hope they beat each other up.

The real game is going to be played tomorrow night. Mizzou/Oklahoma State will steal the show this weekend.

Have a good weekend guys!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Have so much fun! maybe we can join yall next year!!