Wednesday, October 15, 2008

new venture (updated)

I'm not the most creative of people, as I've made quite public, but I thoroughly do enjoy the process of painting, designing, etc....

After a couple of projects I have kinda, sorta, maybe, not-so-sure, perhaps going to start up my own little side business. It stems from the two paintings (ha) I've done, and a few design projects I've created...

Thus the name of my "sidey" business----Homemade & Handpainted! Unless ofcourse, that name is already taken on Etsy!

Now, I'm just toying around with the idea but I thought I'd share a few of my projects.

the Halloween painting I did for Stephanie

you've seen this one, 16 times already---but I'm thinking of doing some other schools as well!! made to order!

this is the invitation Holly asked me to make for Luke's 1st Birthday

Polka Dot Halloween
Pastel Halloween
this became the card made for Stephanie and her family
i've also experimented with some Christmas designs, jr's favorite
this is one of my favorites, Neon Christmas

Perfect Color Christmas
It's a Polka Kinda Christmas
another favorite of mine, Linear Christmas
a couple of blank canvases, yet to design the rest...

Simple Christmas, I think my first design

my very very favorite, probably the one's I use for us this year!

fancy free

it's a newlywed christmas

it's a colorful christmas

with love



winter days

cowboy christmas (another favorite)


holly jolly


jingle bells
My idea is to sell the Seasonal Cards in packages of 10, with envelopes included---packaged just right :)

Hope you enjoy taking a look!!!


the rigdons said...

i say go for it- i think people would buy them! i'll be your very first testimonial! ha!

and, how much do i LOVE etsy!!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

You can count me in! I'll be a testimonial! Everyone loved Luke's invitations! And you already know you are lined up for Christmas ones from us!

I think we can come up with a more unique name though! Just a thought! You should make a poll where everyone can come up with a name and you pick the best!

The Jarnagins said...

Great idea!!!! This is funny because I started an Etsy story yesterday for some things I've been working on...more to come later on that.

Owen & Amanda said...

did you use photoshop for your cards? they are great, and i've been messing around w/ trying to make some similar cards just for us.

red30067 said...

where are the hanukah ones?

Ricardo and Lauren said...

I LOVE them!! Can't wait to see how it takes off! I'm def in need of some more "thank you" style card with my name! :-) Let me know the $$

The Denove's said...

I would sooo order some;) You are so good, you need to give yourself some credit!!!! Let me know if you decide to it and I will order some!!!!!

Rob and Amy said...

Love them!!!! As soon as I get some wedding pictures back, I am going to contact ya!!! (PS- yes we are honeymooning and I'm checking blogs while laying by the beaches of Mexico...sheesh!)

Rob and Amy said...

Hey....I have an idea of a painted sign that I want. Can you tell me the best email address to contact you at??? Mine should be linked to my SN here, but if not, it's ......thanks =)

The Lanyon's said...

I'll for sure buy some :)

Adorable layout too!