Wednesday, October 01, 2008


When the title reads How some women never get, I read it.

I loathe being ill. It ruins my happy little day or days---not to mention, I have a very sweet husband who has a wife that turns into a not so sweet monster when taken ill, and I don't like to ruin his happy little day either....

Please read the linked article, and take note of the number one listed item declared by these "miracle" women (miracle, I say, because I was a skeptic until the word massage lit up my green/hazel eyes) yes, massage.

I can be healthy with monthly massages?!?!????!? WHAT! okay!! um, I'm in sister.

Now, it is your job to convince my sweet sweet husband to pay for such activity :) Don't forget to mention that it pays off in the long runnnn...get it? Pay now, healthy later? no takers?!!

-I say all this, while I have an 80 minute massage at The Riviera waiting for me--my b-day present from this sweet husband I reference...

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Ashlee and Carey said...

I would love to have a monthly massage! Who could turn that down?