Tuesday, October 21, 2008

his day

I have been anxiously awaiting JR's birthday for atleast a month now...I love gift giving, LOVE.

It's one of my favorite things to do. Really.

This year, I decided to get JR two treats! Anytime he casually mentions anything he likes, I write it down so I've compiled a list of his "wants" so that when birthdays/holidays/or if I see it while I'm out, I can gift him and surprise him with all of the things he likes!!

One of the treats on his "wish list" was a North Face Denali jacket---they are so so warm and very practical for fall and winter.

Mom and dad gifted him with a leather briefcase/bag that he also has been wanting! Something nice to take to work!!

Then it was my turn for my special gift!!!! I had a book made, documenting our honeymoon, with pictures and memories....it turned out even better than I had imagined!! I'll have to take actual pics of the book to show!! He loved it.

stealing a kiss from the birthday boy

got it :)

wearing his North Face & reading his new book!!!

Presents actually came last, because mom and dad took him out to dinner at La Duni for a delicious dinner and after that headed back to our house for presents and dessert!!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, babe!


The Jarnagins said...

Sounds like a fun birthday for JR! Love the Denali North Face jacket - good choice!

Ashlee and Carey said...

Looks like he was treated VERY special! Is the book like our wedding book? Those are the coolest things ever! Love you guys!

The Denove's said...

You always look soooo cute. I am jealous;)