Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I never thought I'd be a 9-5'er, well an 8-5'er to be more specific. The exact duration of me living the corporate life is unknown--I will see where the wind takes me. In the meantime, I stumbled upon this clever invention, rather ridiculous really, but I thought it would be a nice laugh for anyone that spends their Monday-Friday in an office. If I were boss one day, I would put one in every office :)

Then I'd make us all do a marathon together. Just a half, really.

Ladies and gentlemen: I present the absurd, The Walkstation.

A combo workstation/treadmill. Are we that lazy that we can't go to work THEN go to the gym?? I am.

1 comment:

Ashlee said...

I am way too lazy for that invention!!! Give me my rocking chair!!!