Tuesday, October 30, 2007

please enjoy

The Edwards family I've known for almost 20 years now, wow. Lauren, the oldest of the bunch has been a life-long friend of mine, and certainly one of my dearest. You know how every family has their "talented" kid, the one that can out-draw, sing, color, stitch the other siblings...well, that mold doesn't quite fit The Edwards Fam! They are ALL equally talented, and not just your average talent! All of them--Lauren, Laine, and the twins, Jillian and Cole!

Amazing singers! Each one of them! and ofcourse their parents Dave and Sandra! I couldn't carry a tune, never could really, but upon entering their house there was always someone playing the piano, singing in the shower, or playing the guitar! You would suddenly feel like you were part of a musical :) a really good one! ha!

Everyone's grown now, with the twins now in college (weird, Lauren and I used play with them when they were still in their cribs) and two of them now have Myspace pages with their music! All written by them! Incredible! It's music that makes you realize how beautiful life is! Such beautiful music, and so proud of them now being Myspace "artists"! Hey, that's big!! Lauren told me Jill has done some stuff at Baylor and was even included on a Baylor new-artist CD!! How awesome!!

Just had to brag about a beautiful family with an amazing singing talent! Please, enjoy!! I promise you will LOVE!

Here's Jillian's:


and Laine's:


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Ashlee said...

How neat to have friends so talented!!!