Monday, October 22, 2007

he's 27!!

JR is officially old :)

Late twenties, pushin' thirty, old fart...and some others that his friends have given him, but shall remain private due to the family nature of this site!

He had a wonderful, relaxing birthday!! I'm sorry I have no pictures (slacking, major) but I can give you a brief synopsis of the weekend's activities.

This is how high-class we are: enjoy.

Friday night, after work, I told JR I'd treat him to a birthday dinner at Ponder, which many of you know is one of our favorite places to eat. Problem is, a few miles down the highway is Dairy Queen. Not just your average DQ, but most likely the most spectacular DQ in the world. No lie, the burgers there are my number 2, behind Meers. I know, you're gasping right now. They are that good. We couldn't decide if we wanted Ponder or a delicious burger from DQ. We were actually debating between a restaurant and a DQ....DQ it was. We couldn't help ourselves, and decided to make it a classy birthday dinner in JR's truck :) we're romantic and fancy like that!!

Saturday, JR went hunting with Ronnie while I slept the whole morning thru, standard. We laid around the house most of Saturday then got ready and went up to The City to Bass Pro where JR got a new fishing rod for the reel Joe bought him awhile back!! Then for the good part....

Dinner at Mickey Mantle's. Sweet sweet goodness of the world. I personally had one of the best steaks in the whole entire world. It was just right. Salted to perfection. Meaty, juicy and divine. All of us stuffed ourselves and left with big smiles and tummies to match!! oh man. so good.

Sunday, Nancy made the famous rib meal for lunch and certainly last but not least I finally got to meet Baby Luke. He is precious and perfect and is so aware of his surroundings. He doesn't just look at you, he studies you and tries to figure you out. Smart, smart baby. Never cries, and is perfectly content all snuggled up in your arms. He's my first 'newborn', so I'm learning with him. He's going to show me the way :) big kisses to him...We've made tentative plans for us all to head up to Weatherford soon for us all to be together one wknd!! can't wait!

okay, that's alot of writing and no pictures! sorry! Thank you all for the birthday wishes JR got! He had a great birthday!! Happy Fall week!


Cody, Holly, And Baby Luke said...

We are so happy you finally got to meet your nephew!! And it was great to see you guys!! I can't wait for our Weatherford weekend!!

Ps. Happy Birthday to JR..

Ashlee said...

You are engaged to an old man!