Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My love for OU is no secret. I do not try and keep it within or even quiet my unbinding passion for the greatest university in the world, so I thought I'd share a few important photographs, if you will, of the one and only University of Oklahoma. A few poignant images of my past...

Contrary to popular belief, I did spend a decent amount of time at the library, but debating the weekends plans seemed to end up being the motive of the trip there, 99% of the time :)

The South Oval, the gateway to my college learning experience (hmm) and the sight of undeserving OU squirrel attacks.

OU sorority girls, living in a sorority wo-orld! The ol' KKG house. Yes, yes. This was me. Many moons ago. Go KKG! (insert sarcasm) I am far removed...or am I?

You must admit, this is the coolest 18-wheeler you've ever seen. Don't lie.

My turn!!!

and last but not least, SOONER FOOTBALL!! need I say more? amen.

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Ashlee said...

Oh to bring back the days...there are times that I drive around campus and just let myself relive some of those days! I was a library studier in my latter years and I do miss sitting in the small rooms studying with groups while small tidbits of what happened the night before or what is going on that night would be intermixed in the conversation. BOOMER!!!