Monday, October 29, 2007

Keep Austin Weird

Wild weekend! Although that's nothing out of the ordinary for us, we headed south this time instead of north! It did feel good to get a change of scenery though...

The photoshoot went well, hectic, but good! We got there Friday around three, we toured the Hanger Hotel (location of the shoot) and I was straight into hair & makeup! It was shot literally in an old hanger/turned hotel that is straight out of the 40's! My shots were on an old plane and in the diner, but we def want to make a wknd out of it just to stay at this awesome hotel! I only shot for an hour or so, because we were trying to beat the sunset because another girl had to shoot right after me! It was quite frantic, but JR got to watch my first shoot from the second floor balcony that overlooks the runway! I'll have to approve the shots, before they make it to dad :/

We decided to head to Austin afterwards to enjoy the wknd with Ashley, who has a cute house down there! She was an amazing host, and was so gracious to allow us to take over her room for the wknd! We went out Friday night, and I got to see Laura, one of my dearest friends from college whom I have not seen in two years!! It was an emotional night of reuniting, and so so fun!

On Saturday, Ash took us for a tour of Austin, to see all of the beautiful nature! We love anything outdoors! We first went to Mt. Bonnell to get a view of Lake Austin!

We then headed over to The Green Belt for JR to see, since I'd been before, I wanted him to get a look!

Saturday night Ashley had to babysit, and Laura had a law party so JR and I took advantage and had a date night in Austin, TX!! Now, Texas is known for a lot of wonderful things, but my favorite is the TX BBQ!! Dinner was at The County Line on Lake Austin and I got the biggest plate of ribs I have ever seen in my whole life!! They were as big as my head! Simply divine! We gorged ourselves then headed back after our sinful meal...

The only thing I was uncomfortable with was all the burnt orange around, not to mention my car stuck out like a sore thumb with my OU license plate :) We got a few friendly hand gestures!! We almost wore our OU hats, but we figured we didn't want to go out in Austin, TX of all places...I choose life.


Ricardo and Lauren said...

YUMMY!! I want ribs!!

Ashlee said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend! I can't wait to see the pics of the photo shoot!!! I sure wished you had sported your Crimson and Cream in that burnt orange area!!!! BOOMER!!!