Thursday, October 25, 2007

the first one!!

I have been given the fortunate experience of being 1 of 6 girls chosen to model for a calendar for The Bombshells for the 2009 year!!! and we shoot tomorrow!!! I still can't believe it!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!

The story is random, ofcourse. One of the main models, Julienne, who has done the calendar the last two years, contacted me to see if I would be interested in meeting with her and Scott Slocum (the owner of The Bombshells, and Aeromarketing Group). We had the meeting a few weeks ago and he offered me a spot to shoot for the 2009 calendar!!

Bombshells was originally started as a marketing tool used to help showcase old warplanes, and photography of. It later grew, and Scott is continuing to grow the company with his chosen models. His plans are to do more shows with the models, magazines, and meet-and-greets! The Bomshells now include merchandise such as calendars obviously, posters, and other memorabilia! It's so exciting to be a part of something that I can model in only being 5'3!! Us short girls are limited to print!

I'm sure you're wondering JR's view on all of this, and he has been SO supportive and is very excited about this opportunity! JR has met Scott and ofcourse asked him the usual "JR 20 questions", because they're dealing with his soon-to-be wife!! haha! We are both heading down to Fredriksberg, TX tomorrow for my evening shoot :) He's coming along for the ride!! I also have to thank my dad who has been great, and is letting me miss a little bitty bit of work to go do this!! and mom, who is always my number one fan!

It seems kind of early I know, to be shooting something for 2009 but they are planning to take this to the national market, so it has to be ready by February!! There are 5 shows I think planned for next year too!!

Scott came by our house last night to do some last minute wardrobe, and then JR was a great sport and came to do some last minute shopping with me last night and even took me for a sushi dinner date afterwards :) Even though he's not the biggest fan, ha! I have the sweetest man in the whole world!! Thank you babe, I couldn't do it without you!!

We might be able to take some pictures while we're down there!! I'm sure you all are tired of blog-reading with no pics :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

JR and Nat


Ricardo and Lauren said...

Yes pictures please!
Have fun!!!

Cody, Holly, And Baby Luke said...

Congrats and have fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats...yeah for shortness! Represent!

Ashlee said...

Who says short....just vertically challanged!!!!!!!!!!!!