Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Look up slacker in the dictionary, and you'll find me. After my highly-boisterous claim of working out everyday and training for whatever half-marathon I end up choosing, I failed myself. I have failed us all.

After my hair appt last night, I got home and JR was being productive as usual and I got home and immediately started eating. That's where I first went wrong. After 5 minutes of my moaning and groaning about how tired/sore/lazy/pathetic I was, JR told me it was okay if we skipped a day.

Motivated Nat-0 Lazy Nat-1

game on.


Ricardo and Lauren said...

HAHA...tonight, Motivated Nat-1!!! You can doooo it!

Ashlee said...

Oh that is so me too!!! It's okay to be lazy!!!