Tuesday, October 30, 2007

mind racing

I'm that rare breed of people that truly does not enjoy taking any sort of medication aside from the average cold meds. I was "diagnosed" with ADD my freshman year in college, and to be very honest, I thought they were wrong :) It was a long process of psychiatric evaluations, tests, and "talks" about any difficulties I have in paying attention............I tested with ADD. My parents do nothing half-way :) I had to do it all. Done.

Years go by, and I am now in my "career" per say, and I thought I was having a really bad case of forgetting. I will leave faxes unsent in the machine, my coffee in the kitchen---you name it, I'll forget it. I will literally "forget" everything!! It is horrible and I'm sure irritating to others :)

JR finally convinced me to try my ADD medication again, and it has worked wonders! ADD does not allow you to complete tasks without being easily subjected to other surrounding activities. You will leave your whole life unfinished because something better caught your attention, ha! Very frustrating! I succumbed to my ADD, and will see how the next month goes with it! Heck, I may conquer the world!!

The mix of my ADD medication and my new love for coffee has left me like this:


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

You crazy girl!!! :)

Kristian & Katy said...

hahaha- i was at work laughing as i read your comment on our blog about you and your respective "mates"- you're so funny.
well- i think you can see from the photo that we in fact were at a loss for ideas, and thats why we were Republicans?? haha
anyway- i hope you guys have a blast. i will really look forward to seeing pics!

Ricardo and Lauren said...


Ashlee said...

The cat in the pic and you have quite an amazing resemblence!!!! LOL!! Love ya!