Tuesday, October 23, 2007

lacking fitness

Yesterday was officially our first day back to the gym. See, Gold's Gym is sneaky...they fill their grand ol' gym with lights, millions of machines, great music and even a movie theater!! It's the neatest gym I've ever seen but what they don't tell you when you sign up is how much pain all of these fine things will cause you.

I thought I was semi-prepared for a good workout. Lies.

JR and Scott ran off straight for the movie theater, ofcourse, so I set up shop at the treadmill to see how much "running/shuffling" I could do...one mile. One measly mile, with a two minute break. Pathetic on all levels, but moreso for the fact that the half-marathon training STARTS at 3 miles. These people must be crazy. I then opted for something a little less invasive and hard, so I went back to the elliptical for a nice, smooth mile "walk" on that machine. After a few ab workouts I was good to go! I went and found the boys and Scott told me he saw one of his friends upstairs (Scott always knows someone, everywhere we go) and that he was about to start a dance class.....hmmmm provocative.

I think to myself, well! I've danced my whole life, this will be easy and fun. My whole evening was full of lies. I don't lie to you, I hate it and am not good at it, but I somehow manage to blatantly lie to myself all the time when it comes to my physical state of laziness. Continuing----I walk into the class and there's about 30 other people in there, so I figured I could blend in nicely, maybe stand in the front, "wow" everyone with my killer dance moves. After about 7 minutes, I was in the very back corner.

HARD, HARD, HARD. This was an entire hour I believe to end your life. I saw my life flash before my eyes, a couple of times. I should have done my research, you see. What I later find out in water break number 34, that the name of the class is Body Jam: a high-intensity dance training made to compensate for 1-2 hours of intense cardiovascular workouts. Ummmmm, yes. Flipping ridiculous. I was spinning, falling, jumping, swaying, hip-popping, you name it. Everytime JR would walk by he would laugh a little...he said he loved watching me though :)

I'm rather "sloth-like", I am a creature born to lay around, eat alot, and not exert myself in any way physically. JR calls me his little sloth, Lauren you're probably laughing right now! Too much coffee and I turn into this maniac and workout for 2 hours!! I have never done that. May not ever again. I am ailing today. My bones feel as though they are made out of metal...

In closing: control coffee intake


Ricardo and Lauren said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So laughing extremely hard right now! I was laughing hard before I got down to the part where you said I'd be laughing. That judty mde my day! I love you sid! Good try!!

Cody, Holly, And Baby Luke said...

This story reminds me of the one that Joe and Jr took that karate fitness class!! :) haha

Ashlee said...

You made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants!