Thursday, August 30, 2007

alas, an update!

I know, I know. I have been major slacking. I've been known to do that in my day :)

In continuation of my last post: I have only worked out once. Yes, once. I did a little run/walk combo and I am just now able to sit down without saying hateful words about working out. I did however, wear my spandex shorts and I felt very athletic. **mission accomplished** Grade: E for effort!

Our lives have gotten so ridiculously busy, I can't hardly believe it! JR's job is going wonderful, I switched to a new office...well it's down the hall but I am in my very own corner office with huge windows! It's lovely and highly professional (looking)! I will need to take some pics to post! Jen, you would be very proud! The wedding stuff is moving along at lightening speed thanks to my parents who have set up a weekly meeting with JR and I to make sure we are on top of everything :) I am very "girly", but I have found that in wedding planning I display rather manish qualities. The color picking, flowers, music, la, la, la, etc....overwhelms me, and would do me no harm to just show up the day of and get to marry JR!!! haha!

Really, the only big things we have left to do are: pick out the invitations, choose our registries, and finish our wedding website!! I've slacked on that as well :) As for what we do besides wedding planning, last weekend we took my cousin Fernando, to the North TX State Fair. and what a fair it was!?!

and now, what's a fair without a redneck window?? It was a rodeo/fair/carnival mix. It did turn out to be pretty fun, b/c Sammy Kershaw played and he was awesome live. He is a little before my time, country-music wise, but I found that I knew alot of the songs! JR was very in his element :)We didn't get to watch much of the bull riding, b/c we were late but Fernando did win a hat thrown by the Miller girls! I think he was pleased with his catch, haha!

Fer and I are such cool cousins that we even wear our sunglasses at night! Superstars!! It almost says Pettijohn!

Trying to win me something!!

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