Friday, August 10, 2007


We are all rushing home from work today, well those of us that do work (ugh)...because we are doing family pictures tonight!! Jenny Martell, the photographer we chose for our wedding is going to be doing them. We haven't had pictures done in several years so this is monumental! and now our family is a little bit bigger!!

Speaking of which, we woke up today and realized it is only 9 MONTHS UNTIL THE WEDDING!! yay yay yay! We were saying this morning how excited we are to be husband and wife in just a few months! We can't hardly wait! So, now all the working out begins! I want to look fabulous for my future husband! soooooooooooo excited!!

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Psalms 36 said...

Don't get too skinny (like you aren't already!) and fall down the aisle and break your hip! That would be a great blog!!!! Just playin! Love and miss you!