Friday, August 10, 2007

mi hermano

Alex came in town for a few days with his girlfriend Rachel! They're staying thru Saturday! Wednesday night we walked down to West Village and got some delicious ice cream at Paciugo and walked around all the stores and I got a few pics! They said they felt like they had papparazzi around with all my picture taking...welcome to JR's everyday life :)

We brought them by the house to see all of our new stuff!

Right next to the driving range!

We had a dinner with my parents earlier in the evening at Little Katana, and before we left mom asked me to make sure I take lots of pictures of Alex. He is a rather elusive creature when it comes to taking pictures...but he does it for his sissy!

We had an awesome time with them! It's so relaxing to go for an evening walk, especially with an ice cream in hand!! Just how I like it!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

YAY! So fun!! Have a wonderful time tonight. Tell the fam hello from us. love you!

Psalms 36 said...

Love the new pics! Thanks for three updates in one day! I was going through withdraws and I got my fix! This is soo soo stalkerish and now my mom has become the stalker of not only our blog but yours too!!!! haha! Give JBR aka Peeper aka eggaful head a big kiss on his forehead for me! Love you guys!