Tuesday, August 21, 2007

time to get skinny

With my impending wedding only T-minus 9 months away, I have felt the sudden urge to get physical. Like that song..."lets get physical, physical", although I think that song may have a different connotation. whatever.

I found this fabulous website to help motivate me with my daily lack of fitness motivation. It offers awesome tips about working out, healthy recipes, and just overall health wellness. It's blog-style, which makes me like it even more! The link is http://www.fitsugar.com/ for those interested in jumping on the wellness bandwagon! I want to look perfect for my husband :)

Okay, none of that is why I posted: ofcourse! The reason why are these:

And here is the excerpt attached: These So Low Cropped Pants ($62.00) are cute enough to wear in and out of the gym. The fold over waistband lets you make them as low or high as you want and the flared leg is flattering for most body types. They come in black, heather, charcoal and navy. I'll be investing in the charcoal and black. Buy them from Shopbop.com.

You see, I get my motivation with cute clothes. Laugh, laugh, but atleast I'm getting it somewhere. I recently purchased my first pair of Adidas "spandex" running shorts. I do realize that no one is ever fully capable nor should be allowed to wear spandex, but it is my way of making myself feel fat enough in something to get my lazy butt outside and walk or run (grr). JR doesn't love the idea of me being in spandex running around Dallas either...I think it's a combination of "hey-don't-look-at-my-fiance-in-spandex" and a splash of embarrassment that he has a fiance that does so. I'm okay with it.

So, I thought I'd share my daily find! They excited me! Perhaps they will get me outside today!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

HAHAH LOVE IT!!! Good job, Nat!!! You can do it!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Update dang it!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

seriously...new post, please! NOW...I know you're not really working!