Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I was very spoiled this birthday!! or as JR says, always spoiled! whatever....

My birthday started out a little early with Ashley's visit. I don't get to see her nearly as often as I would like ofcourse, but she came to spend last wknd with me and we had the most awesome weekend!! Thank you Ash for such a fun weekend! I love you!

Opening my present from Ash!

We bought some champagne to toast my engagement! So girly, I know.

The ol' self-timer toast.

To add to the girly-ness, we did masks...mine wouldn't come off right, I was none too pleased.

Last night, on my real birthday my parents took us out to Adelmo's on Knox for some Italian birthday dinner!! It is such a neat, intimate place. Not very common for the big Dallas dives...JR gave me the most WONDERFUL present, a MASSAGE AT THE RIVIERA SPA IN UPTOWN!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY! Ever since he got me one for Valentine's Day, I've been bugging him daily for another one!! I feel as though it is necessary for my emotional and physical well-being to have atleast one per month. Hey! It's his fault, he started it :) So, I'm saving it for the perfect day!! It doesn't hurt him any, as I come home from my massages in the most FaBuLoUs mood :)

Mom and dad gave me the most beautiful silver tray for our house!! I've been desperately wanting one, and it looks divine on our new hutch (thanks Bill). They also presented me with a jewelery cleaner!!! I kind of hinted towards this gift! I need something to clean all of my diamonds!!! I'm a diamond girl! Can you really blame me?!! Beka sent me a bday msg, saying she hoped JR spoils me, and uh...she's right!! I spoil him too though, just diamonds don't suit him, ha! Thankfully!!

Some people, when they get gifts can wait until the next day to use them or put them together. Nope, not me. It must happen the minute I get home...I've always been that way unfortunately. Putting my cleaner together, with a helper!

Sammy wanted to help mommy!

Kissing our biggin' good night! in the sink...weird kitty, ha!

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so special! It was such a perfect day!!


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