Monday, August 13, 2007

la familia, the most wonderful wknd!

It's a rare thing to have us all together, mom, dad, alex, me and JR! With Alex in California and Stillwater, we don't get to have him home as often as we would parents the globetrotters, and us the Oklahoma go-ers! So, finally one entire weekend all together, with another guest! Rachel, Alex's girlfriend!!

Friday night we took family portraits with Jenny Martell, the photographer we chose to do our wedding! We had so much fun doing it too! We did some at the house and a few outside, for as long as we could stand it, with the 100-degree weather. I looked at some of her pics and I think they turned out awesome!! We haven't had family pictures done in 10 years atleast!

After pictures we went to dinner at Luna de Noche at Northpark and then to see the Bourne Ultimatum! The movie was packed!! We all thought it was an excellent movie, except for maybe mom who fell asleep the first 20 or so minutes of the movie. Action isn't so much her style, haha!

Saturday morning I woke up and headed down to the pool at around 10:30...JR couldn't get up because he'd taken some Nyquil the night before, but he made his way down around 11:30 and we ate fresh watermelon and enjoyed a summer day at the pool together! sooo relaxing!

We had lunch and went home and took a nap to prepare ourselves for the feast to follow at Texas de Brazil, my favorite favorite favorite. We went out to celebrate our engagement and my birthday now that we had Alex in town.

I got even more presents! My birthday has lasted weeks! I love it!

Alex got me two sets of wine glasses from Crate and Barrel!! WOW! JR and I were both so excited!! We already set them out in our hutch!

Dinner was fabulous!! We stayed and talked long after we'd payed! oops!

My boo...I loooove you!

Wait, wait! Hold the door!

Look at my handsome man!! He's going to be my husband :)

Happy Monday! Hope it's a great week for everyone!!


Ricardo and Lauren said...

YUMMO!!!! Hope it was as wonderful as you were hoping it would be! Miss you!!!

Ashlee said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! La Familia is so much fun!!! I can't wait to see the family pics! I'm sure they will be awesome with such a beautiful family! And yes, that is the J Crew dress which I also got in black and another one from there when they had the big sale! Thanks for sharing!!! We can be twinkies! Love and miss you bunches and bunches of oats!!