Thursday, August 02, 2007

ThAnK yOu Shae and Jen!!!!!!!!

I went to lunch with Shae today, we like to meet halfway b/c she works at the Galleria and I work near downtown so Cheddars is always our meeting point, ha! Super class :)

Shae, Jen and I have been friends for several years now. College friends actually, and we went to lunch today with Jen in mind ofcourse! For birthday's since Jen is far far away in Carolina Land, we coordinate bday gifts via phone! For Shae's in May, May 10 actually, which will be the day of our wedding...Jen and I got her a mani/pedi at The Nail Bar in Uptown! So for my birthday they got me this!!!!!!!!!!!

A day at Salon Pompeo!!! It is where they are filming the new TLC show, Sheer Dallas, haha! Shae said when she went in, the camera crew was actually there! I'm so dang excited!! A massage from JR at The Riviera Spa and now more at Salon Pompeo! I may do a facial, that sounds fresh and relaxing! Gotta get pretty for my husband-to-be! Uhhhhh, best birthday ever!!!

Thank you both so much for my amazing gift!! Shae may even go with me that day and pamper herself!!Yay for being a girl!! hahaha! I promise I will enjoy it thoroughly! Jen, I send you a big TEXAS hug!! I love you, wish you were here!! Thank you thank you thank you! I don't think you'd like Cheddars though, not your style :) princess Jen...

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