Tuesday, March 04, 2008

baby luke

This past wknd we headed up to the OK! Saturday, JR had planned to golf with his friends in Chickasha so I made plans to hang out with Holly and Luke all day!!

Holly gave me Mommy 101, and I got to snuggle up with baby Luke all Saturday long...I changed diapers, fed him, and got to kiss him all over! Holly even has proof of me doing this on her blog, if you don't believe me :)

We had a day of babies, lunch, and shopping! I'm not very sure that it could get any better for me, haha!!

Feeding time was also my job, and I had to make sure I had the right angle when feeding, hahaha! I'm slightly paranoid...oh, my poor future children.

Luke assured me though that I did a GREAT job! After the first time, it feels quite natural :)

I couldn't love him more.

Here is one more cute pic, taken from Holly's blog of Luke with his Uncle JR and Aunt Nat during tummy time! It's my favorite time with him, because if you lay with him he'll try and "scoot" his way over to you, because he's still trying to figure out that whole "crawling" business!! So precious.

Saturday night we headed to OKC to hang out at Tommy's apartment, and we three always have a great time together! Just like old college times :) Sunday, we headed back to the farm, napped a bit then went and had dinner at the Thrasher house and hung out because we hadn't seen Cody all wknd. Overall a GREAT weekend, and it was perfect for JR too, because he got to see his 3 best friends all in one wknd! He never gets to do that!! I get babies, he gets friends :) Works out great!! Hope you all enjoyed your wknd too!

Happy Tuesday!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

I love babies!:-) he's a cutie!