Monday, March 17, 2008

thank you thank you thank you

I'm not sure our weekend could have been any better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It even started out GREAT! Kourtney and Joe made it down on Friday and we began our weekend with an awesome dinner at Truluck's, one of our family favorites. Besides the amazing food, we had a Sooner Celebrity Sighting :) In mid-meal, Joe looks up and spots none other than, Adrian Peterson!!! He was walking out, and I kept fumbling for my camera so that I could run out fan-like and chase him down for a pic...but he got away, boo. The waiters said he's been staying across the street at The ZaZa and comes in every night, ha! We couldn't believe of all people we'd run into in Uptown, it would be AD!! Very very very exciting!

Saturday morning we all got up and went out to the Katy Trail for a morning run/jog/walk! Joe & JR ran, Kourtney jogged and I walked, haha!! I jogged for a bit, but then made Kourtney join me at my slow pace. It was such a beautiful day that we wanted to have lunch outside so we walked to Campania and had some delicious pizza and a calzone, soooo good. They loved it!

After that, it was time to get ready for our SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy and Ronnie came by around 5 while we were all finishing up getting ready. We then headed over to mom and dad's house at 6. Our AMAZING shower was given by Carole Reid, Lauren Neaves, Ashley & Vicki Fulks...they went above and beyond and our shower was just spectacular. Really.

The food Carole had for us was a HUGE hit, and everyone was saying they had never eaten so well at a party before!! Our shower was a party! Everyone kept asking me who made those desserts :) Only Carole...

It really was a party! We had all of our friends and family there, we played games, we had wonderful food, we opened gifts, we laughed, we hugged, some cried, and we partied for 5 hours!!! A 5 hour shower!!

JR and I both felt so blessed to have so many of our friends and family there to help us begin celebrating our upcoming marriage. What a neat feeling...

After dinner was time to open gifts, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ryan and Nat

Alex, Mom and Nat

Kat and Nat

Fer, Alex, and Dad

Ryan and Martha Lauren and Clint
Our awesome parents
Staring at some of our new stuff :)

Thank you to everyone that came and spent the evening with us! It meant so much to us to have each one of you there! We love you all very much and thank for making our day so sweet!

-JR and Nat


Ashlee and Carey said...

I hate that we missed it but you looked beautiful and so happy! I am thrilled that you all had such a great weekend! Enjoy every moment of it! Love you!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

I am with Ashlee. I wish we would have been there. It looks like a great shower!!! And the bisquik in the picture makes it for sure. That is something I have on hand at all times!! :) haha

Love ya

kristian & katy said...

wow! what a great time!!
so glad it was so special for you :)