Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We have been going non-stop since last batteries are running low, but we have been staying so busy we almost don't have the time to even realize how tired we really are!

This morning we were looking at our calendar and saw that we only have ONE wknd from here until the wedding that is open. One. That is insanity. We literally have something scheduled every.single.weekend. until May 10th!!

Today I have my second fitting at Patsy's Bridal!! oh yay! Hopefully it won't need another fitting, since my bridal portraits are in 2 weeks!!!!!! oh my, oh my.

Our dear friends Blake and Jennifer are spending the week in Dallas, so we got to see them for the first time last night and they came over for some vino after we had dinner at my parents house. Tonight we're going out with them for some sushi and wine tasting :)

I will leave you with some eye candy today-----it again shows my love of monogramming! It is especially fun to monogram when you have a new name coming up!!

Checkbook covers! I may have to get one for the spring! So cute!


kristian & katy said...

oh my goodness- you're so cute.

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

You crack me up. Have fun with the Tailiferro's.