Monday, March 10, 2008

chevy girl

I love cars, I really really do.

Today, my poor G had to go into the shop because her brakes are going out...but Infiniti gave me a rental it's super fun! I'm really posting these pics so JR can see the car before we get home from work, as I think I only get it for a day :(

They must know my undying love for THE University of Oklahoma because they gave me a brand new, crimson Nissan Murano!

I love test driving different cars, even though my little heart is set on a BIG Tahoe/Yukon. The Murano is super comfy, and has a smooth ride. I'm not necessarily comfortable in small SUV's because of my 2001 accident (flipping a 4-runner) thus, my lean towards my ol' reliable Tahoe, my other love.

It's a fun ride, and I love broadening my horizons despite being a Chevy girl :)


Anonymous said...

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Jeff & Heather said...

Hey Natalie! Glad you checked out the link to my page! You should go pick the book up before you throw out everything in your fridge! Your man might not be too happy about coming home to NOTHING in the fridge! Hehe! The book has a lot of useful tips and shopping lists! Let me know when you read it and share your thoughts!!