Monday, March 10, 2008

love, mom

My mom super spoils me, I know....I of my favorite things from her are some of her silver decor that she's acquired over the years, or have been passed on from my grandma.

I cherish all of what my mom gives me, and I love when I find a good use for them!

Wanted to share a cute example of what I did with two silver cups I have from my mom!

I love holiday themed candy! Well, I really love candy year-round but especially love Cadbury eggs around Easter! JR loves them too, so I set them out in my mom's silver cups and they look so cute!! I love finding neat ways to display candy and you have anything passed on to you that you love use?!


Jay and Beka Chase said...

My Grandpa gave me my Grandma's (Mema's) cookbook that I absolutely love. He's also given me other things, but I definetly use the cookbook!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

YAY fun!! Looks super cute:-)