Thursday, March 13, 2008


There are so many details, opinions, colors, events, gifts, food, paper, meetings, flowers and love involved in wedding planning...It's endless really, because you always find yourself thinking that there is just one more thing you could get done, etc...but you know what is so awesome?!?!

That I'm going to be a WIFE!!! and JR a HUSBAND!!

I'm going to get to say, "Hold on! Let me ask my HUSBAND!!!"....woo-hoo!! Not only am I going to be a wife, but a wife to JR.

My role as JR's future wife I take very seriously, but if you know me I must look grrreat while doing so, hahahaha! What better way to start my first day as Mrs. Natalie Pettijohn than this?!

Soooo cute!! This will be what I wear on our flight to Mexico!! I think it is precious!! and I will wear it so proud, because I know how lucky I am to be his Mrs. :)

He's pretty lucky too!....what??


The Jarnagins said...

Love the shirt! Where did you find it?

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Haha.. That is cute!!

But lucky to be married to JR? Hmmm!! You must be crazy!! :) Good thing he is too though!! :) :)

We love you guys!! :) See you soon!

Ashlee and Carey said...

OMG!!! That is awesome!!!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

too cute!! love the shirt! You are lucky to have each other, and me as a friend haha j/k, okay maybe not kidding!;-)