Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've gotten "craftier" as I've gotten older, and I since making an Easter basket for my 27 yr. old fiance would be strange...I decided to make some for Emma and Joseph. If you know me, you know my dislike for all things generic. Anything prepackaged is not the real thing! So, I took it upon myself to make the babies their very own baskets!! I have just as much fun finding the "ingredients" as I do actually making them!!

The first thing I needed obviously were the baskets, and I found this blue one for Joe Joe and a pink one to match for Emma Rose. What's a basket without "stuffing", ha! So, I found this cute crinkle paper matching each of their colors.

They each got an Easter animal, Joseph a froggie and Emma a piggy! I put little Playdoh Easter eggs in both of the animals little arms. I wanted some for myself!!

Emma got a Cinderella book with her name as one of the characters, so I got Joseph some chalk Easter eggs!! Cinderella isn't his thing!

Lil' Bean wanted to help Mommy make the kids' baskets, so cute.

The paper was great to add in!

I also, got them each a little pail and put their names on them. Anywhere I can stamp on a name or monogram I will :)

How cute are these?! Little chicky goody bags!! I filled these with pastel colored M & M's!

Beanie was starting to wonder which basket was his....

So, I gave him his own Kitty Easter Egg!

And what's a good Easter post, without a video of the kids! HAHA! Here is a short little video of Joe Joe eating his M & M's face first out of his pail!!

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Ricardo and Lauren said...

You're so cute and crafty! Very momish!;-) Love you!!