Monday, March 10, 2008

our wknd

You never know with wknd we're here, the next in just never know :)

We happened to stay home this wknd and it was fantastic! There were higher hopes for Friday, but JR brought dinner home and we played old people and watched a little tv, and were in bed by 10pm! We're kinda old like that now, ha!

Saturday morning, I got up feeling very cooking confident! JR asked me to make him an omelet (which I have never done) so I got out my trusty cookbook, Ronnie gave me, and I made the most delicious omelet ever!!!! JR was super proud of me!! For lunch we went to an Argentine bakery with my parents! We brought home fresh empanadas and some other Argentine goodies!! I asked JR if he ever thought he'd be sitting in Dallas, TX eating an empanada with his Argentine fiance?! he said nooooo! ha!

The big game Saturday night was Duke/North Carolina so we had Scott and Kat over til around 11, and we went to bed shortly thereafter....

Atleast one morning of the wknd we like to make breakfast together, so this wknd it was Sunday! We made blueberry muffins and some fresh bacon!! ohhhhhh yummo.

JR played basketball for a few hours on Sunday, so I went and worked out and tanned! Time to get pretty for the wedding :)

We love eating at home, so I decided to conquer yet another one of JR's favorites for dinner that night! Homemade mashed potatoes!! He made the steaks! JR is awesome with the grill!

I needed a little help mixing, ha!

Captain Grill

Now, last but not least! Our finished product! Delicious steaks, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans......YUM!!

We love our wknds at home......


kristian & katy said...

yum! those mashed potatoes look amazing. i've never tried homemade but now im inspired :)

Ricardo and Lauren said...

Yummo! love homemade tots;-) good job with all the cooking this weekend! Just remember once you start you can't stop! HAHA