Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It started with 4 months, JR and I said, "okay!! as of tomorrow it is 4 months until the wedding so we must immediately start our tanning/work-out routine"...not so much.

Then came 3 months, same quote.

We are now at 2 months and it has hit. I felt rather doughy this month so we have finally begun our Wedding Workout! Doughboy and I were starting to look like we came from the same gene pool.

This post is simply to admit that it feels sooo good to be back on our Future Pettijohn Fitness Program. I force myself to go to the gym everday, and I am getting to the point where I want to go!! It's a miracle!

Although, the product placement at Gold's is sneaky and gets me everytime...because their clothing section is at the very very front of the gym, so that as soon as you walk in you are presented with a glorious section of fine fitness attire. All of which, I feel I must have to achieve maximum wedding fitness. I have my eye on a pair of workout pants that I'm slowly starting to believe, will help me burn an extra 100 cals...

Stupid Nat.

JR has been super active with basketball, and goes and plays with his friend Scott a few days a week! My boy is so good, he comes home to tell me how awesome he played and how many more points he scored than everyone else! See, I lack any sense of competitiveness so I just smile with pride for my MVP :) I'm more of a sideline cheerleader, nachos in hand...

So, progress there is...I'm going from a nice translucent winter glow to a warm olive tan, hahaha!! Our Palm Beach tan just got new beds so I'm taking a few days off here and there or I start to look like burnt toast, oops!

We keep ourselves motivated, because in 2 months it's ShOwTiMe!!!
*insert sound of wedding bells


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

I better hit the treadmill tonight!! I have been slacking the last few days!! :)

Gotta keep up!

Ricardo and Lauren said...

YAY!! You can do it!:-) I should be good to go fitting in my dress. I have lost about 3 -4 lbs in the last month and a half! Still trying...and I'm getting tan too

Ashlee and Carey said...

Well, I have some color on my face but it's not the tan color that I want! I got so burned yesterday from the track meet! One of the coaches said I look like Santa Claus..rosy red cheeks and a rudolph nose! And just add a red neck and red ears too! Let's hope I get a normal tan! Love ya!